Penny is looking for a special home

Penny is 5 years old and located in North Carolina. She would do well with a male dog but not with cats or young children. Penny has SLO (Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy) but is in remission. Her nail beds are pretty much destroyed. She doesn’t have any nails and they won’t grow back. Her paws do not bother her but her new family will need to watch for irritation. She will need to take fish oil and vitamin E. The good news is that her nails don’t have to be trimmed.

Penny also suffers from dental disease. She only has about half her teeth. WTCares has offered to cover future vet bills related to the SLO and dental issues. Penny can be protective and territorial of items she finds. She is however a sweet and happy girl with lots of energy. She likes sitting close to you preferably touching but is not a real cuddler. She can be a bit vocal and will keep your yard free of vermin. If you are interesting in adopting Penny, please contact Lyn Hollis at