Fozzie is 15 years happy

FFozzieozzie turned 15 years young on June 20, 2016.  We rescued/adopted him in 2007 after loosing our Yorkie.  As we are also aging, we preferred to rescue an older dog vs a puppy.  Not sure who rescued who in this situation.
The minute he entered his new home, he made himself at home and decided he would share our very large bed.  Although he was dog aggressive when we got him, with some patience, love, work and treats, he grew out of that in no time.  He now has lots of dog friends but still barks at the coyotes and havalina that cut through the wash.  Car rides are special to him as he also outgrew the car anxiety.  With consistent boundary teaching and limits, he learned the safe way to act and behave in the house, car and yard. He is very social.
Fozzie has been a energizing addition to our family of two, friends and visiting grandchildren.  He enjoys walks and during cooler weather, we walk 1.5 miles and the morning and 2 miles in the evening.  He decides the schedule and route.

When considering adopting/rescuing, stop and think of the wonderful and numerous benefits of an older dog especially ones looking for that second or forever home.  They offer companionship, excitement, entertainment and ongoing unconditional love. All dogs need some direction but an older dog is less work than a young one and they sleep all night.

Our precious Fozzie has brought so much love and companionship into our home. We are forever grateful to the Welsh Terrier organization who let us adopt/rescue him.  We are hoping he is with us for many more years