Lexie the Lover

Lexie first dayI received a call from Lyn Hollis regarding a Welsh Terrier in North Carolina that needed to be transported to WTCares in Tennessee.  It was a female who had been picked up on a road in North Carolina.  As we had a Welsh Terrier gathering in Tennessee coming up within a week or so and I was planning on attending , Lyn asked if I could give the Welshie a ride to the event.  I agreed and the next day, Trish Biamonte, a WTCares Rep dropped this sweet Welsh Terrier girl off at our house.

 A month earlier, we had lost our beloved Minature Schnauzer, Rudy unexpectedly at the age of 8 and we were devastated by the sudden loss.  We had gotten him as a puppy and he was the cutest Minature Schnauzer I had ever seen.  He loved being picked up and carried around especially when he was nervous or upset about something.

Trish contacted us and we agreed on a time when she would drop off the Welsh Terrier.  As soon as I saw her, I knew I was in love.  She was smaller than our female Welsh Terrier, Maggie and so darn cute.  She was nervous and circled around quite a bit as many dogs do that have been crated for too long.  We of course tried to make her feel safe and loved.  Interestingly enough, a few days before we knew anything about this little girl, I had had a dream about Rudy and when I woke the name Lexie was in my head but I didn’t know why.  I think the first night she was here we had already decided that she had found her forever home as we were in love and in some way, I felt that Rudy had a paw in this.  It was as though he guided her to us so we would no longer be sad at his passing.  We of course named her Lexie.

I called Lyn to tell her that we wanted to keep her and I don’t think she was surprised.  Lexie has turned out to be one of the sweetest Welsh Terriers I have ever met.  She loves to kiss us and is always wagging her tail and yaps when she gets excited.  She also loves to be picked up just like Rudy.  She has fit right in with our other dogs and has been a welcomed addition to the pack.  We will forever be grateful to Lyn, Trish and WTCares for bringing us our sweet and beautiful Lexie.

 lexi cropped