Piper’s Poolside Life

Sasha (now known as Piper) was found wondering the streets of Spartanburg, SC. WTCARES believed she was a used up puppy mill dog, who was dumped due to medical issues. Sasha skin was foul and itchy; she had no house training and had probably not been out of her cage until she was dumped. The video shows her being transported to Carolyn Morris, in Atlanta, for all her evaluation and medical treatments. I called her Lady Martha in the video, because she was soooo sweet, I named her after a southern baking cake flour, for the one evening I enjoyed her company. Her Shelter name was Sasha.

Carolyn spent months on her ears and skin. Sasha was treated for allergies, heart worm, and ear infection. Then she was fixed and evaluated for placement. A wonderful family in California was chosen for Sasha and her name was changed to Piper . Today Piper can be found lounging around the pool.

Piper poolside