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giving artHi, Welsh Terrier Rescue supporters. This time of year there are many sites claiming to be a Welsh Terrier rescue group….most, if not all, are nothing more than clearing houses for different breeds. Please do not donate your money to OR release/post your dogs on these sites. Take the time to research where your dollars are going, and ask for a tax receipt and non-profit Federal ID number.

Most importantly, do not post your welsh on these sites. PLEASE, contact WTCARES ( if you have or know of a Welsh terrier that needs help. These bogus breed sites are a dangerous rehoming environment. However, WTCARES does encourage you to keep an eye on these sites and others social media sites like craigslist, so that we can catch any welshies that falls through the cracks. We also ask that you to send our site address to the local animal shelters in your area, with a personal note to encourage them to contact us when a welshie comes in their door. Most state shelters will happily work with accredited breed rescues, knowing that the rescue will get the best medical help and loving family available – – – anywhere in the United States.

Welsh terriers are our passion, and you, in the Welsh terrier community, are our eyes and ears within that community. Good Job! Keep it Up!  . . . . . . . . . And, thank you.

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