Surrendering a Welshie

Before and after_WynnieIf you have a welsh terrier you need to surrender, for any reason, please contact the representative closest to your dog’s location. If you are not able to reach that representative contact the WTCares chairman Lyn Hollis at 731-584-6530 or email her at

Please DO NOT list your welsh on Craigslist or any other buying site as these listings do not assure the best re-homing possible for your welsh and can often place them in dangerous if not lethal situations. WTCares is a nationwide, 501c, non-profit site for Welsh Terrier Rescue and it is our mission to find the safest, most loving home possible for Welsh Terriers in need.

WTCares works closely with breeders, individuals and shelters who know of or have one or more Welsh Terriers in need. We ask these organizations to call Chairperson, Lyn Hollis direct and she will assist you with transport arrangements, contacts, paper work and other necessities needed for surrender. Our first concern are the dogs.