Alice Travel Fund

Alice was born in 2001 at Hollis Haven Kennels in Camden, Tennessee. She spent the first year of her life with Lyn Hollis, the extraordinary force behind WT Cares. During this time, Alice went on the show circuit, including winning best in breed at a competition in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

In 2002, Alice relocated to Washington, D.C., and took up residence in a Civil War-era house five blocks from the U.S. Capitol. She soon adjusted to urban life and became well known in the Capitol Hill for barking at the top of her lungs whenever the mailman approached the house she was committed to guarding.

It was in 2005 that Alice began her career as a model. When The Majesty of Capitol Hill waspublished that year, she was featured as the only canine pictured in the book.Another major milestone in Alice’s life came in 2011. That was the year she helped her daddies,Tom Grooms and Rodger Streitmatter, celebrate their wedding day. (Please see the photo with Tom sitting and Rodger standing.)

In 2016, Alice established the travel fund that carries her name. The money in this fund is used to help Welsh Terriers relocate to new homes. This process often involves paying to transport a rescued dog from one place to another, sometimes by car and other times by commercial airline. Funds also are used to ensure that a Welshie is in good health before joining his or her new family.

On behalf of WTCARES, I would like to thank everyone who has helped us in our mission to assist Welsh terriers in need. Without your kindness and generosity it just would not be possible.

We have seen the numbers of Welshes needing rescue and rehoming grow greatly over the years. While we are still doing many rehoming of dogs from one home to another, we have seen more and more dogs coming to us from shelters and puppy mills. These are often the dogs who need us most. They require vet expenses to cover everything from shots to operations to teeth care and their fostering period is often longer getting them ready for, and finding, the right home

When the phone rings or we get an email, we never know if we might need to help one dog or twenty. Since everything that needs to be done medically will be taken care of, we always need to be able to say, “Yes, we can take them and we can help.”

Please remember WTCARES and its work with your continuing support.




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Lyn Hollis
Now Tax Deductible! WTCARES is now a “charitable trust” of the with 501C status. This means that donations to WTCARES are now tax-deductible on Federal income tax returns. The trust ID number is 20-8443410.

In many cases, donations can be eligible for employer matching fund. WTCARES can also be designated to receive donations through the United Fund and Community Fund organizations.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and may be sent to:

WTCARES c/o Lyn Hollis
164 North Forrest Avenue
Camden, TN 38320

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