Available Welshies

IMPORTANT: Not all Welsh terrier up for adoption have been posted yet. We first address any medical issues and evaluate temperament prior to listing. You are automatically added to the database when you fill out an adoption application, found under the rescue tab on this site. All applicants are fully vetted.

If you have any questions about the dogs posted or pending posts, contact Lyn Hollis at 731-584-6530. It is also a good idea to contact your local rep direct, via their contact information, to introduce yourself.

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We have a new owner surrender here in Oklahoma. Her name is Phoebe and she is about five years old. She has developed aggression towards the other dog in the house, so the owners have decided to rehome her, even though they’ve had her since she was a puppy.

Phoebe kinda goes with the flow. For a long time, she was sleeping in her crate in our bedroom until she and I were at a motel with no crate and I let her sleep with me and that was about the end of the crate. Lol. She loves the hose and to be squirted but will destroy a sprinkler. She likes toys that squeak but if they are not well built they will only last a few minutes. She eats science diet but only when she is ready. She has been behind on her heartworm prevention and needs to get back on and then tested in 6mo. Likes to sleep but is always up for playing if a person starts it (and they should).very typical Welsh. Do not trust off leash and if she escapes don’t try to catch her.

She will definitely need to be an only dog. She also has her own mind, so would be best with an experienced terrier owner. I absolutely don’t think she is a dog for a first-time owner.

Interested applicants should make sure they have an app on file BEFORE contacting me. I can be reached at blkntan@mac.com and 918-810-6353.

Finn 4

One Fine Fellow. Phin is 8-year-old male Welshie who is up to date and neutered. He has been with his family his entire life but it has become necessary to find him a new home. They recently lost their home and their rental home doesn’t have a fenced yard. The family has 4 children, two of whom have special needs. For his safety, it is necessary to rehome him.

Phin also is a bit of a special needs dog. He tends to be a bit cranky. He likes to be in charge and unfortunately, he was never adequately trained and so he has been very much in charge for most of his life. It not true that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. I believe that with the right family who has the love, time and patience to work with him he will be a gem of a guy and he enters his senior years.

He is a barker and a growler if he doesn’t like what you are asking him to do. To my knowledge, he has never bit anyone, but I have feared a time or two that he was going to nip. I think his bark is worse than his bite. He loses his mind when the mailman comes or if anyone dares to ring the bell.

He is groomed on a regular basis, but we do have to pay a little extra because like I said, he is cranky.

In all fairness to him, I don’t think he has had the easiest life. While he was loved, he didn’t get the attention or training that he needed.

For more information on this fine fellow contact Paula Joseph-JohnsonConnections: Tellington TTouch-Based Training for Pets & Their People
WTCARES Oklahoma volunteer