Available Welshies

IMPORTANT: Not all welsh terrier up for adoption have been posted yet. We first address any medical issues and evaluate temperament prior to listing. You are automatically added to the  database when you fill out an adoption application, found under the rescue tab on this site. All applicants are fully vetted.

If you have any questions about the dogs posted or pending posts, contact Lyn Hollis at 731-584-6530. It is also a good idea to contact your local rep direct, via their contact information, to introduce yourself.

We are fortunate to have placed  all the welshies recently posted, but we have several great welshies who will be placed-up for adoption once they have gone through observation/training, and medical. Please make sure you fill out an adoption form, there is a link under the rescue tab. Once accepted a rep will contact you and ask to do a home visit in preparation for bringing one of these fiesty, smart dogs into your home.———————————————————————————————————————————-

Sweetie Pie and Ex Stud Muffin


Dalton is a 9-year old former breeding male and is looking for a permanent home or even a foster home while he finishes heart worm treatment.  Dalton’s current foster home has a resident male who is not dealing well with the addition of another dog to the pack.

Dalton is great with children, gentle with older adults &  doesn’t mind cats.  He is a true lap dog and wants nothing more than to be by his human’s side at all times.  Dalton has spent his former life outdoors in a kennel and is very needy when it comes to human attention.  He can be possessive of his people and would prefer to be an only dog.  He could possibly live with a relaxed larger dog (Airedale, Lab) but not another Welsh Terrier.

Contact Lynda Golliher, WTCARES-Atlanta, (404) 895-9575


Zoe  Welsh Terrier  born 4/22/2008

How do you solve a problem like Maria Zoe? She would out pester any pest, drive a hornet’s from its nest.  She can through a whirling dervish out of a whirl.  She is gentle!  She is wild!  She is a riddle!  She is a child!  She is a headache!  She is an angel!  She is a girl!  How do you solve a problem like Maria Zoe?”

Zoe is a 9 year old sweet natured typical Welsh Terrier.  She is good with people and older children.  She is not good with small dogs and cats.

She is an inside/outside dog.  She is prone to heat rash if left out in temperatures in the 90s for more than two hours.  She does not bark unless other dogs are barking or if there is a critter near the yard.  She is house trained but will need to be let out routinely.  She gets excited with new visitors and jumps, but will eventually calm down.  She loves to shake, roll over, sit, etc.. for attention.  She also loves to play tug of war with a rope and play catch.  She likes to go for walks but is ok if she doesn’t get a walk.

Zoe is no longer willing to live with the senior Jack Russell Terrier or the cat in her current home and is being rehomed. She is in good health and UPD on health and medical. Her family wants to make sure she finds a forever home where the family has more time to spend with her and will appreciate her “Sound of Music” effervescence and personality.

Zoe is located in Oklahoma. Please have a current application on file before inquiring about Zoe. Contact Paula Joseph-Johnson at blkntan@mac.com.

Army brat Thor. Thor just turned seven years old and has been an army brat all his life. Thor needs to be an only child, but he is very smart and is well trained to do many commands and has enjoyed barn hunt as well as other dog sports. Thor needs a big yard where he can run and play ball with his people. An adult home with terrier experience would be best but this boy has a lot of love to give. Thor is in Tennessee. Contact Lyn Hollis at Hollishaven@aol.com or 731-584-6530