Available Welsh Terriers


WTCares has two life long companions who recently lost their owner. Jasper is 12 years old and Greta is 11 years old. The family has requested that the two not be separated and WTCares will honor their request. What we know about Jasper and Greta is that they are active, dependent on each other and good on a leash. They have never been around kids and are not good with cats so we’re looking for a home with no children or cats. We don’t know if they are housebroken. Jasper and Greta are seniors and need a safe, loving, welcoming and comfortable home. We are looking for a compassionate person who would welcome these two into their homes to live out their lives. Please have an application on file with WTCares for consideration. Jasper and Greta are in California. Please contact Randy Shinn if interested at SFNavigator1@comcast.net


Application Process

If you are considering adopting a welsh into your family, YOU MUST HAVE AN ADOPTION APPLICATION ON FILE, OR YOU WON’T BE CONSIDERED. We do not reach out to an applicant that send an eMail asking about possible adoption, with such request as age, sex, or any other preference. Remember all our dogs are rescue and may health or age issues.

If you are thinking about purchasing a puppy from a breeder, then we will answer any concerns we may have concerning the particular breeder. Direct your questions to our chairperson, Lyn Hollis at  731-584-6530.

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