Available Welsh Terrier

If you are considering adopting a welsh into your family, YOU MUST HAVE AN ADOPTION APPLICATION ON FILE, OR YOU WON’T BE CONSIDERED. We do not reach out to an applicant that send an eMail asking about possible adoption, with such request as age, sex, or any other preference. Remember all our dogs are rescue and may health or age issues.

If you are thinking about purchasing a puppy from a breeder, then we will answer any concerns we may have concerning the particular breeder. Direct your questions to our chairperson, Lyn Hollis at  731-584-6530.

Miss Mini Mouse

DOB: 1-7-2012 Female: Spayed – 9 1/2 years oldLocation: NW Georgia – Forsyth County Lovable 28 lb Welsh girl: 

Loves to play with toys, get lap snuggles and give kisses.

Loves people, her crate, hunting in her fenced yard, and car rides. 

No known allergies or medical problems. Up to date on her vaccinations. Vaccination records can be provided.  

Housebroken, likes other dogs. 

She is very loved and spoiled by her mom and dad. Unfortunately due to age and dad’s failing health, mom has her hands full and can’t provide the attention Miss Mini Mouse needs. REQUIREMENTS:  Someone with strong Welsh Terrier experience.  Will need to be leash trained.  Needs a fenced yard.  Resource guarding training recommended to correct biting problem. Miss Mini will strongly grab your hand if you touch her food bowl, reach inside her crate, or come at her with anything in your hand. She needs to be sedated for grooming, combing and nail trimming. 

Please have an application on file with WTCARES and select Cindy Pashko as the representative.

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