Available Welshies

IMPORTANT: Not all Welsh terrier up for adoption have been posted yet. We first address any medical issues and evaluate temperament prior to listing. You are automatically added to the database when you fill out an adoption application, found under the rescue tab on this site. All applicants are fully vetted.

If you have any questions about the dogs posted or pending posts, contact Lyn Hollis at 731-584-6530. It is also a good idea to contact your local rep direct, via their contact information, to introduce yourself.

Please make sure you fill out an adoption form, there is a link under the rescue tab. Once accepted a rep will contact you and ask to do a home visit in preparation for bringing one of these feisty, smart dogs into your home.


Rosie is a good girl just shy of two years old. She came to Wtcares from a shelter in Massachusetts.  Rosie has to be an only dog/animal in a home as she is extremely jealous of anyone else getting attention. She originally did not want her head or face touched but is now okay with rubbing and petting but still not good with grooming head. Rosie can still throw the occasional tantrum when someone new comes in but responds well to calm and patience. She loves to be in a lap. Rosie will be a great companion for someone who will be consistent and calm with training and handling.  No kids please and must have a fenced yard. Rosie is in Tennessee.  If interested, please have an application on file before contacting Lyn Hollis (the application link is under the rescue tab) at Hollishaven@aol.com or call 731-584-6530



Very sad to announce that we’ve decided to find a forever home for our fur child: Oliver is an active, energetic, loving (not to be confused with cuddling), loyal and protective 9 years old, 30 pound, welsh terrier. He enjoys sitting at your feet and is quick to wag his stubby tail or even smiles when happy. Oliver’s sturdy and healthy, although gets seasonal allergies (daily dose a Benadryl typically helps) and requires a special diet of urinary tract food (or else he gets crystals in his bladder). We recently welcomed our newborn baby into the home and Oliver is neglected. He gets his proper physical exercise but is needing much more attention than we can provide. We also live in a small apartment without a yard and believe he’d be happier with more space to run around to exert his physical and mental energy. Oliver has growled at the baby twice now, so likely will not fit in a home with young children. He is crate-trained and house broken and very devoted to his owners. We will provide a crate and initial supply of food, plus history of medical. We live in Los Angeles, CA and will drive him to a loving home within a 6-hour radius. Contact Lyn Hollis at  731-584-6530