Available Welshies

IMPORTANT: Not all Welsh terrier up for adoption have been posted yet. We first address any medical issues and evaluate temperament prior to listing. You are automatically added to the database when you fill out an adoption application, found under the rescue tab on this site. All applicants are fully vetted.

If you have any questions about the dogs posted or pending posts, contact Lyn Hollis at 731-584-6530. It is also a good idea to contact your local rep direct, via their contact information, to introduce yourself.

Please make sure you fill out an adoption form, there is a link under the rescue tab. Once accepted a rep will contact you and ask to do a home visit in preparation for bringing one of these feisty, smart dogs into your home.

Anyone interested should send an application to either Kathi O’Malley (terriersrus101@msn.com) or Amy Word-Michalowski (amyword1@yahoo.com and phone 512-799-3905) and would be expected to be able to drive to meet Teddy in either Dallas or Austin.  We will respond to applications only, so please get one in if you would like to be considered


This baby will rock your home . . . literally LOL

Margo is a 10-month-old Welshie girl being fostered in Ohio. She was given up for making the life of the Westie in the home, miserable. In her foster home, she plays hard with another headstrong Welsh bitch and except when getting crabby when overtired, does fine. Margo is doing pretty well with housebreaking except when she just forgets to take time from playing to take care of business. Margo needs a terrier savvy home not deterred by a busy and stubborn Welshie. If interested, have an application on file and contact Lyn Hollis at Hollishaven@aol.com or call 731-584-6530

Sailor needs a new first mate

OKAY welshie friends, I am looking for an experience welshie person, who can take on a cuddler with issues. MUST BE AN ONLY dog….but he will be a great dog.
Sailor is living in a kennel, he needs to be living on a lap…step up…PLEASE. NOW
Sailor is a six-year-old neutered male. He suffered a broken leg as a puppy at the hands of some big dogs so now he does not trust or like other dogs. He likes to play and can be cuddly. He comes well to his name, especially if treats are involved. A recent vet visit and x-ray show no problems with his old break but some arthritis which can make him cranky at times. Sailor has excellent house manners. No cats or other dogs but older children should be fine. Sailor is in Massachusetts. If interested, have an application on file and contact Lyn Hollis at Hollishaven@aol.com or call 731-584-6530.

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