Rescue and Re-homing

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Welsh Terriers that are available for rescue can be viewed under the RESCUE tab > Available Welshies. Please fill out the adoption form and use the drop-down arrow, above the form, to direct the application to your closest WTCARES representative. Feel free to contact that representative to introduce yourself and discuss any adoption questions.

WTCARES was formed as a committee of the Welsh Terrier Club of America in the early 1980’s. With a mission to rescue Welsh terriers in need and to rehome them. WTCARES became a charitable trust established by the WTCA in 2007 with its own trustees and treasury. Welshes come to WTCARES for many reasons. Perhaps an owner has moved and cannot take their dog with them or the owner has become ill and is unable to look after their Welsh any longer. We also rescue Welshes from shelters, wondering lost in the streets, and those turned over from commercial breeders. At times people have gotten their dog from a breeder who, unlike our WTCA breeders, has not screened the home to see that they are aware of the personality and activity level of the Welsh. The dog is not bad nor are the owners but it was a bad match. For whatever reason, a Welsh terrier or its people has WTCARES for safety net when needed.

WTCARES is also an organization that Welsh Terrier owners can turn to for educational purposes; helping welshie families understand the breed and the dogs feisty, independent personality.

Rescues are fostered by volunteers and evaluated to determine their temperament, training, and suitability for placement. Our application process, interviewing of prospective matches, and home visits help us match the right dog to family. We continue to have contact with and support of family and dog through the years. All rescues are up to date on shots, have been spayed or neutered, and any health issues, testing, and treatment done before placement. Adoption fees are 250.00.