Princess Needs A Loving Home

Princess is almost 5 years old in October.   She has spent the last couple years in the back yard chained up so she couldn’t escape the yard.   I think we can agree this was not a great situation, so she will need someone who can help her settle into a home.   She does go potty in the grass at the boarding facility she is now living at.   Her owners were elderly and are now going into assisted living.  She needs a home with no kids.   She has some issues with harsh corrections, being restrained and being grabbed up.  I will get more information on her when I do an evaluation and some testing myself with another behavior consultant.   Please, no kids, no plans to have kids in the near future and Terrier experience.   This little girl has been through a lot, and we need to get her in a quiet, safe environment so she can overcome all she’s been through…she does like to lay on your lap, play ball, chase garden hoses and swim!!!
She is spayed, and up to date with vaccines.   We are told she was on heart worm and flea meds but we will be testing for heart worm this week as well.
If interested,  you need to have an application on file using this link,    Send the application to Kathi O’Malley and she will email or call you once she gets it.  Please be patient, we all have jobs and it could take a little time to get back to you!!!!